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"Till Death Do Us Part" Distressed Pearl Statement Necklace
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A Quick Side Note I like to share about this piece, also where it gets it's name. This Necklace began an accessory for my wife, fiance at the time, Halloween costume. We dressed as a Dead Bride & Groom. I just never felt like it was finished, until NOW! So this is what 10 years of a collection of just all the right things looks like!

-Generous collection of Vintage distressed pearls & brooches
-Mixed metal collection of chain & rhinestones details
-Gives a Rustic Gold tone
-Two Large Floral Brooches are showcased
-Collection of Vintage Finds in the necklace include: brooches, earrings, bracelets, cocktail necklaces, pearls,
rhinestone pendants, ect.

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